The Beer Over Dirt Story

In 2001, Mark Marcum hosted an event at his home. He creatively labeled it "Beer Over Dirt" as a play on the popular Chattanooga event, "Wine Over Water." By day, Marcum was a TVA engineer. By night, he fantasized of crafting delicious brews. Ultimately, his dreams were realized when he launched Chattanooga Brewing Company with co-owner Jonathan Clark. Chattanooga Brewing Company is now one of the most popular breweries in the City.

Beer over Dirt has been a Chattanooga tradition for over 12 years. The event is going public for the first time at the demand of many long-standing patrons. This year, Beer Over Dirt is poised to be extraordinarily successful with the beautiful backdrop at Renaissance Park of the Tennessee River and expansion to feature four local breweries, popular local food vendors, and great local musicians.

Yet Beer over Dirt isn’t about just local beer and local cuisine; it is also about the dirt - the lands surrounding the City of Chattanooga. Accordingly, all proceeds for the event go to the North Chickamauga Creek Conservancy, the region's most dynamic environmental non-profit organization. NCCC informally began in 1989 with a collection of friends and citizens raising concerns about the deteriorating condition of the North Chickamauga Creek. Today, NCCC is committed to involving the Chattanooga and surrounding communities in preservation, conservation and responsible use of the watershed and gorge, and to increase global awareness of the importance of these actions. So come, celebrate and support Chattanooga and the Conservancy with us.